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Security in Nigeria has come of age in the last few decades. Having a broad view from all possible angles and perspective, ranging from the masses to the government and private sector, regardless of the group you may find yourself, everybody needs protection and when we talk about protection then we are talking about Security.

Suffice it to say that security of lives and properties is one of the prerogatives of the government, it has however been proven the world over that the government cannot handle these alone; hence the need for private initiative is required.

Security as a growing industry is very broad, it covers a vast area of activities and aspects such as;

  • Corporate Security
  • Retail Security
  • Estate/Property Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Conflict Management
  • Close Protection
  • CCTV Operations
  • Door Supervisor
  • Event Management
  • Aviation Security
  • Off-Shore Security
  • Vehicle Immobilization

The duties of security personnel are more than controlling access to a venue or carrying out searches. The first physical contact on any site or business organisation is the security personnel, whose level of professionalism would inadvertently have created an impression, which is either positive or negative on a potential client. Hence, the need for cooperate bodies to come to the realization that investing in the security of their organisation is not a waste but a wise decision in making higher returns.

Recent happenings around the world we live in have raised the awareness of the general public about their security and Nigeria is not left out in this awareness as an average Nigerian is security conscious not only about himself, but his family, business and belongings. The growing spate of crisis such as kidnapping, violence, insurgence, armed robberies, theft, environmental disasters aided by ever advancing technology have rendered individual or self-protection insufficient. This has brought about the concept of CONTINENTALS SECURITY.

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